Happy Valentine’s Day! DIY Heart Toys

group 2Valentine’s Day is almost here, and since our pets can’t enjoy a dozen roses or a box of chocolates, it’s time to get a little crafty. Show some love for your four-legged friends with this easy (no-sew) DIY heart toy! Courtesy of prettyfluffy.com

What you’ll need:

  • Fleece (1 yard makes 3-4 toys)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie/Marker
  • Heart Stencil (or a steady hand)
  1. Fold your fleece in half to create two layers.
  2. Using a sharpie or marker, trace a heart with a stencil (or freehand it!) onto the fleece. heart 1
  3. Keeping the two layers together, cut the fabric into a circle about 2 inches around the outside of the heart (to leave room for tying knots). circle
  4. Cut two slits on the edge of the heart, then tie the two pieces together. Double-knot it to make sure it’s secure.
  5. Repeat until most of the heart is tied, leaving a small hole. heart 4
  6. Fill the heart using your extra fleece as stuffing. Make sure to use long, wide strips rather than tiny pieces.
  7. Finish tying until the heart is sealed. 
  8. Trim the edges of the ties.
  9. Present your gift to your fluffy Valentine! final
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