Earlier this month, we welcomed a group of kids ages 6 and up to ARL main for a special paint-your-pet event!

The “Petcasso” workshop was led by artist/illustrator Kathryn Finney, who has been a longtime friend of the ARL (she painted the portraits in our front lobby!). She is also a published children’s author — check out her book, Little Louie, here! Each participant brought in a picture of their pet or favorite animal, and Kathryn guided them through the steps to produce a masterpiece.

Photo Apr 11, 1 01 51 PM

Artist Kathryn Finney leads the Petcasso workshop.

Photo Apr 11, 1 31 12 PM

Kathryn helps a painter with his portrait of three guinea pigs.

Photo Apr 11, 1 04 11 PM

Participants get started on their pet portraits.

Photo Apr 11, 1 32 15 PM

A painter puts the finishing touches on her portrait.

By the end of the day, each of our artistes-in-training had a beautiful work of art to bring home and share with their best friend.

Photo Apr 11, 2 09 39 PM

The painters show off their completed masterpieces!

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