Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month at the ARL

June is usually all about honoring our dads and grads, but did you know that it’s also national Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month? If you happened to see us on KCCI a few weeks ago, you know that the Animal Rescue League of Iowa currently has an abundance of shelter cats who would love to find their forever home!


CASH: Male, 4 years old. Bonded Buddies with Kick (Male, 4 y/o). Front-declawed. Likes: being petted, playing with toy balls, laser pointers and catnip toys. Shy around small children, so a home with older kids would be best.

The arrival of “kitten season” at the ARL means we have tons of energetic, playful kitties waiting for a home to grow up in! But if you’re looking for a more mellow companion, we also have lots of wonderful senior cats — available for our “Better With Age” adoption fee of $50.

For adopters who are concerned about cat scratching, many of the cats the ARL receives every week come to us already declawed. There are a number of simple and humane solutions that can allow a cat with claws to live peacefully in your home. Check out these tips, as well as other cat behavior tips in our book, For Love of Cats. If you are looking to adopt a new cat, or if you are seeking cat behavior help for your current pet, the ARL also offers free behavior consultations to the community. 


SOPHIE: Female, 2 y/o. Likes: chin rubs, being petted, chilling out/lounging on a comfy cat bed or cat tower by a window. Very sweet and affectionate.

We’re always looking for hosts to participate in our Shelter Cat Getaway program, which gives some of our long-term resident cats an opportunity to enjoy a break from the shelter and live temporarily in a foster home. Stop by our website to learn more or to sign up to be a foster!


Georgette: Female, 1.5 y/o. Beautiful muted tortoiseshell coat. Likes playing, lounging, or napping next to you. Did well with teenage children in previous home.

To keep tabs on our kitties from the comfort of your own home, check out our ARL Kitty Cam, which allows you to watch and even play with the cats using your keyboard controls.


SAMMY: Male, 6 y/o. Available for our “Better with Age” adoption fee ($50). Likes: People, comfy laps, cozy beds, being petted, watching the world outside from a sunny window. Very friendly. Gets along well with cat roommates at the shelter.

We’re getting ready for our annual Cat’s Meow event on June 25 — attendees will enjoy entertainment, food, a silent auction and more, all to benefit our ARL kitties! Visit our website to register and learn more.


POLLY: Female, 8 y/o. Available for our “Better with Age” adoption fee ($50). An independent lady who will say hello on her own terms. Curious about people and enjoys being petted, but plan on giving her time to adjust and feel secure in her new home.

This is the busiest time of the year for us and our cats, and every little bit helps. If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, foster or volunteer at the ARL, now is the purr-fect time!


DUCKIE: Female, 5 y/o. Bonded Buddies with Boomer (Female, 5 y/o). Front-declawed. Has a very unique short, curled tail. Likes being petted, finding quiet places to relax. Very, very sweet. Does well with children, other cats, and dogs who don’t bother her.


NYMPHADORA: Female, 5 y/o. Very playful and friendly, loves attention. Has done well with other cats.


FRISCO: Male, 5 y/o. Likes cuddling, being in the same room as his people. Laid-back, but can be active and playful, too. Tends to be afraid of children, so a home with older kids would be best.

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